Much of what we have learnt has come from reading.

Being avid readers of books related to self-improvement has really helped… having the right mindset is crucial.

Add to that, become great at understanding the psychology of sales is also an asset… you are probably thinking, well I don’t want to be one of those sales people… everybody is a sales person and if you get good at this, you are going to be ahead of your game

Here are a few to get you started

Mindset, Sales and Psychology

  • Paul McKenna – Change Your Life In 7 Days – I would start with this one!
  • T. Harv Eker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – this book is brilliant. Not just for changing your mindset about money but for giving you a unique insight into what has made you react to your thoughts in the way that you do. This is one that will change your life.
  • Neil Rackham – Spin Selling
  • Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People – this classic book is still as relevant today
  • Chris Voss – Never Split the Difference
  • Jordan Belfont – Way of the Wolf. Written by ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – this one has some new methods for embedding techniques to help you win at negotiating, sales and just getting your own way!
  • Ray Edwards – How to Write Copy That Sells – another classic book that will get you writing copy that works
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad. Another great book to help reset your mindset
  • Ken Moskowitz – Jab Till It Hurts. Founder of AdZombies, Ken is not only an amazing guy but really knows what he is talking about. They do write copy that sells anything!
  • Jon Acuff – Soundtracks. If you are the sort of person that gets in your own way and overthink things, this is for you. Easy to read, another one to add to your list.
  • Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich. Although written in a different time between the wars, many of the principles are still true and will give you food for thought – just ignore some of the sexism which was ‘normal’ for the time
  • Maxwell Maltz – Psycho-Cybernetics – A great book to get you analysing your mindset and takes you through a series of exercises to get you moving in the right direction. Another classic


Why Buddhism Is True – Robert Wright

Health and Nutrition

Spoon-Fed – Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong – Tim Spector – A great book for de-bunking all those myths you hear about certain foods.

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin. Fairly new to finding out about this even though it has been around for years in various forms. Learn about and find out how to maximise your energy.

Breath – James Nestor – I never realised that I would be able to be fascinated by a whole book about breathing. Something that we do automatically every day. This was an eye-opener and everyone should read it. The breathing exercises that you are taught really can help and I now use them every day.


Permaculture – Bill Mollinson – this is the bible of Permaculture. A real solution to the problems we are living with on our planet right now. This should be on the school curriculum

Find more free resources about Permaculture at

Small and Slow Solutions Permaculture in School and Community – For use in education – FREE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION on this page:

Small and Slow Solutions Permaculture

Overstory – Richard Powers – although a work of fiction, there is a powerful story which left me with a sense of wonder but also sadness at what we are doing to our home